Twisted Perception

Metal Works

You have found yourself at the site of Rebecca Nase, sculptor, welder, and metal fabricator. A select amount of her portfolio is available here, for your viewing pleasure and enjoyment.


you see is original and one of a kind; items can be made to order with special requests.


pleases me immensely. It is so complex, amazing and beautiful. The best designs are not invented, they are borrowed from nature.


attended Pratt Institute, a specialized school for the arts, where she discovered welding. Instantly, she was hooked on the versatility, and crazy sexy qualities metal has to offer.


and curving round rods became her trademark. She is constantly surprising even masters of the craft when they learn she bends everything without the aid of heat (because her curves are so well done, almost flawless).

"As far as

straightness goes, I can do it, but don’t really like it. Nothing is perfect in this world, it’s just an illusion. In my opinion, curvy things are more interesting anyway." -Rebecca